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Apostle Emmanuel Mensah

Message from the president

Dear beloved in Christ, Emmanuel Mensah ministries, the theme for the year 2017 , overcoming your enemy , enemies has been in existence for long so as our Lord Jesus Christ and because of His power and authority, He overcame the enemy and that same power has been given to us in order to win the enemy.
KJV John 1
5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.
Jesus Christ is the light (overcomer) and the darkness (enemy , and the word of God says, the light shine in darkness, you are the light of your family, environment, and church nothing can quench it off because you are an Overcomer . No enemy can stand you in 2018 and overcome you.
An Overcomer always become
# terror to your enemies
# fearlessness and faithful
# sacrificer
May our Lord Jesus Christ grant us the grace to accomplish our mission.