About Us


The ministry started as an NGO; seeking out the welfare: spiritual, emotional, physical and mental needs of children, young adult, and the underprivileged.
Leading people on a God fearing path has always being our priority. Over the years, the homeless, orphans, and the needy have benefited from this ministry.


The mission statement of Emmanuel Mensah Ministries is to help women, children and the aged of the society to live in peace and sustain their livelihood while laying emphasis on their wellbeing by providing their basic needs like health care and education, and building their capacity with the objective of eliminating them from poverty.


Equipping the vulnerable and under privileged people to take their rightful position in the world through programs and the word of God.

Objectives of EMM

1. To promote literacy in basic schools in the rural areas of Ghana by forming reading clubs, supply educational materials and other support in relation to education.
2. Strengthen the capacity of women groups to participate societal issues to advance their course.
3. Partner some rural schools to stock their libraries.
4. Create awareness about old age and the challenges they face to improve their livelihood.
5. Organize health screenings and health talks for basic school pupils and the aged.
6. Organize outreach programs for street children.
7. Mentor the youth to become great leaders in society.

Operational Strategies

EMM gives its maximum priority to develop the group of women, children and the old age in the society. EMM is focusing on the following operational areas:

1. Helping orphans
2. Promoting literacy among basic schools in rural Ghana
3. Building capacity of the youth through the gospel of God
4. Helping women groups with startup capitals and training
5. Mentorship programs for the youth
6. Skill training for young people and women
7. Unearth talents in the youth
8. Helping the old aged.